Thursday, May 17, 2007

Power of Cooperative.

Never underestimated power of masses. It will be great if all farmers of world unite to form their own organic cooperatives.
See here for power of Amul-Largest milk cooperative in world.

This is the story of Amul. A folk song plays to clips from the movie Manthan that talks about the economic hardships rural women in india faced after independence, a new co-operative called amul (anand milk union ltd) was formed to help them. Today, Amul has grown to become Asia's biggest dairy company, which is still owned by these farmers.

"mare ghar jhanjar laxmi ke baje"(in my house, the bells of wealth ring) was a line that was added replacing the original line, as a symbol of the success of amul.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Steps I took for greener living

Removed all processed foods from refrigerator.Food composes of following items
  • Organic non homogenized Strauss cow's milk. (Cream floats on the top,better for digestion)
  • Organic Yogurt without animal fat gelatin ,containing acidophillus etc. bacteria
  • Basmati white Rice (Ayurveda prohibits brown rice, so I am staying away from it)
  • Wheat flour imported from India
  • Pulses
  • Fresh local produce-Cabbage,Potatoes,Onions,green onions, etc.etc.
  • Fruits
  • Whole Spices which are freshly grinded in a coffee bean grinder.
  • Cheerios Breakfast cereals
  • Maggie Ketchup,Mango pickle,Pineapple Jam imported from India (doesn't contain HFCS)
  • THAT's IT.
Household cleaning stuff
Baking Soda ,Vinegar.

I planted my organic backyard garden.It was in big shamples.
I don't throw away all the packing material like cardboard boxes,peanuts,air bags etc.Instead save them all, and recycle at one go.
No normal bulbs for me-All CFL tubes.
House doesn't have AC-it has luxury of cross ventilation to create tunnel affect.
Recycle all electronic/paper junk
Wear only cotton /natural fabric clothes (including Silk)
Things I want to do...
  • Compost all organic waste.This can be useful feriliser for my backyard garden. Currently I buy organic manure from Homedepot. (No chemical pesticides/fertilizers for me.)
  • Use only herbal home made tooth paste,soap,shampoo.
  • Carpool to work.
  • Use public transportation as much
  • Wear custom stitched,vegetably dyed ,natural fabrics
  • Reduce plastic bag consumption by taking a big jute bag for grocery shopping everytime.
  • Carry handkerchief all the time
  • Reduce paper towels for kitchen cleaning stuff.
  • Wash clothes in regular washing machine but dry them in natural sunlight.Apartment regulaion prohibits me.:-(
  • Shift completely to Yoga instead of gym.
I have long long way to go..let's see how much it take me

Non Toxic housekeeping

Interesting points from one of the books I recently read. I hope I am not violating any copyrights here.Book is by Ellen Sandbeck-Organic Housekeeping"
Many common foods can double as cleaning products.Vinegar,salt,baking soda,lemons,olive oil,vodka etc.
Use discarded cotton clothes as rags
Don't use sponges for dishwashing.These harbour bacteria.
Harmful effects of Dish washing liquids
The American Medical Association (AMA) release a report in 2000 which stated that bacteria are developing resistance to the antimicrobials which are being added to consumer products such as dish soaps,soaps,hand soaps,tooth paste,and hand lotions
It is not just bacteria which is problem-in 2002, US Geological survey published a list of chemicals detected in US surface waters.Triclosan,the most commonly used antibacterial,was found in 58 percent of the water bodies tested.When researchers exposed Triclosan laced river water to UV light,they discovered that the triclosan degraded into a form of dioxin,

What is your favourite grain

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